Meet the Mice

Reverend Cheese is the pastor of a small church of mice.  He cannot understand why God chose him to be a minister, and sometimes finds the Lord’s ways hard to understand. His faith is strong, and he really cares about the members of his church. Longwinded in the pulpit, he constantly battles his congregation’s desire to get out of church early so they can go to lunch. For unknown reasons, Cheese keeps his first name a secret.




Deacon Coffey is Reverend Cheese’s right hand man, and greatest challenge. Coffey approaches church like a hobby. He sees church as a fun activity that makes life more enjoyable. His view of religion is light-hearted, but he has good and Godly intentions. He is often a big help to the pastor, but Coffey’s flaky views of church and religion keep the preacher on his toes. He’s also a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan.




Anne is a waitress at the local diner, who looks upon the preacher as a curiosity. She is basically a good person, but hasn’t been to church since she was a little girl. Anne represents the viewpoint of those interested in God but disinterested in organized religion. Unknown to her, the shy and unmarried preacher may have a bit of a schoolboy crush on her.





The Members of the Congregation, as in any church,  are there to discuss matters of great importance with the preacher and to question his authority. They hold Deacon Coffey in high esteem and believe he’s the one that really runs the church. They cannot understand why the preacher takes religion so seriously. Most of the congregation share a collective opinion: “We do not like change, and we want to be out before noon!”