Meet the Artist

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Karl Zorowski has wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a little boy growing up in North Carolina. He has been drawing his entire life.

As a small child he created masterpieces with his finger in the fogged up windows of his family’s ’64 Chevy Nova station wagon, with a tube of Crest toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, and with his trusty box of 64 Crayolas (complete with the sharpener in the back) on any surface that didn’t move.

As he grew older (and wiser) he graduated to #2 pencils, HB’s, Prismacolors and the heartbreak of clogged Rapidographs. He also discovered that Bristol Board and Layout Bond proved a better canvas in that they didn’t agitate his mother as much as the bathroom mirror or living room walls.

The Artist as a Not-So-Young Man

A life-long cartoon and comic strip junkie, Zorowski’s inspirations have been Tex Avery, Jeff MacNelly, Johnny Hart, Gary Larson, George Booth, George Herriman, Ernie Bushmiller, Reggie Smythe, Chuck Jones, Bill Watterson, and Mort Walker. Just prior to his call to the ministry in December 2001, he felt led by the Lord to develop “Church Mice” in an attempt to witness to a lost and needy world.

“Pastor Z” currently serves as full-time pastor for St. Peter’s United Methodist Church in Morehead City,  North Carolina. Before entering the ministry full-time in 2004, he worked as exhibits coordinator for North Carolina State Parks, designing museums for park visitor centers.

Zorowski lives on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, with his wonderful wife Cheryl (AKA Skeedaddle the Clown), and their two beautiful daughters Aspen and Amber. Feel free to contact him!

Family Time at Holden Beach, August 2009

Still inclined to draw on any piece of paper placed in front of him, Zorowski has, on more than one occasion, doodled on his W-2′s and 1040′s, and in the margins of his sermons. It is also rumored that he has been known to play a pretty mean bassoon.