Terms of Use

Church Mice makes a nice addition to any church bulletin, newsletter or website.
Magazine and newspaper readers will like it too!

The comic has enjoyed a strong following and has been featured in publications and on websites all over the world.

This light-hearted view of church is an effective feature to include on any website.

I have received a number of requests for permission to use Church Mice.
Thank you in advance for adhering to the following terms for its usage.


Church Mice is registered with the United States Copyright Office and may not be reproduced without permission of the artist.

If you are the editor of a commercial newspaper or magazine, please contact me  me for information on how make Church Mice a part of your publication.

Church Mice may be reproduced free of charge in church and non-profit publications with a circulation or printing of less than 1000 if these guidelines are followed:

  • Please contact me and let me know you’d like to use a cartoon, and tell me a little something about the publication. For example, whether it’s a church bulletin, newsletter, etc., approximately how many will be produced, when the cartoon will be run, and where it will be distributed.
  • No more than (1) Church Mice cartoon may be used per newsletter issue.
  • Title (Church Mice) copyright and artist’s name (Karl Zorowski) must appear along with the cartoon. These items are included within the artwork.
  • A hard copy of any publication that contains Church Mice should be mailed to:
    Karl Zorowski
    4905 Holly Lane
    Morehead City NC 28557
  • Any online newsletter should be emailed to me at
  • In most cases, the cartoons on the website are downloadable in a resolution suitable for printing. Simply right click on any cartoon and save the file as a JPG.

Even though there is no charge for use of Church Mice as outlined above, donations are accepted.

If you feel led to make a small donation to help support this cartoon ministry, your gift would be greatly appreciated.

Your financial support will aid the continued outreach of Church Mice.

If the circulation of your non-profit publication is greater than 1000, or if you are a for-profit organization, please contact me for pricing.


Church Mice is registered with the United States Copyright Office and may not be reproduced without permission of the artist.

Adding a Cartoon to Your Website
While we currently do not offer a link to an automatically updating cartoon, we invite you to copy and paste a cartoon into your website. We hope to offer an updating cartoon in the near future!

Linking to Church Mice
Please feel free to link to Church Mice from your site. The URL is: